Smart Ways to Get Some Sleep at the Airport.

When you have a ridiculously early flight and you have to be at the airport when it’s still dark outside, the last thing you want to do is pay for an expensive airport hotel for a measly three-hour sleep. This is when your best option might just be to sleep in the airport. But you can’t always do this, and some airports are less comfortable and accommodating than others.

Here are some handy tricks to ensure you get a good night’s sleep at pretty much any airport.

1. Check the List

Not all airports are created equal for sleeping comfort. has put together this handy list of the best 50 airports for having a snooze in 2016. The list includes Singapore (SIN), Vienna (VIE), Tokyo (HND), and San Francisco (SFO).

Conversely, you may also want to check out their top 50 worst airports for sleeping list to make sure that your planned departure lounge isn’t one of the least comfortable on Earth.

2. Know the Amenities

If you’re planning to crash at the airport, you’ll want to make sure that you hit the hay with a full belly, a clean face, and a comfortable place to lay your head. Some airport seats have bars near them, which make sleeping on them nearly impossible. And some airports don’t even have restaurants in the departure area. But other airports have reclining chairs, pillows, and even showers and beds, in some cases!

Check online to make sure your airport has enough amenities for your stay. Sometimes you can do a simple Google image search of your departing airport to check what the lounge looks like.

3. Find a Cozy Nook

As more and more people have started sleeping in airports, security is cracking down. If you can find a good nook — behind a kiosk or next to a coffee shop — you may just get through the night without anyone bothering you. Just be sure to check the rules for the terminal beforehand, as some close down overnight.

4. Make a Hoodie Pillow

Hardly any of us actually travel with a goose down pillow, so knowing how to fold your sweater into a comfy cushion could be the difference between a good sleep and a restless night.

5. Park ‘n’ Sleep

If you’re driving to the airport, why not park your car in the airport parking lot and have a snooze until your flight takes off. If you’ve rented a car, consider keeping it until the morning before your flight.

6. Lock Your Luggage

It’s hard to have a solid slumber when you’re worried about your bags. Bring along a luggage lock and a cable or fishing line so you can tie your valuables to your chair, or your leg. Surely nobody will be trying to lift your luggage with all of the security around, but peace of mind will help you to sleep while feeling secure.

7. Choose Your Lounge

The arrivals lounge is often more comfortable than the departures lounge. If you get to the airport and you find that there’s nowhere to sleep, no good restaurants, or no comfortable seats, consider checking out the arrivals lounge instead. Just make sure you set your alarm with enough time for you to make your way to the departure area before your flight!

8. Dress Warm

Most airports around the world are uncomfortably cold, even ones in the Caribbean and other hot climates. Always pack a hoodie for a pillow for comfort, plus some other warm clothing for airports and airplanes.



What is a VPN and what does it do?

VPN stands for virtual private network. Virtual private networks do two things:

1. VPNs encrypt data going between your computer and the internet

According to, “a firewall protects your data while on the computer and a VPN protects your data on the web”. The information which transfers between your computer and the internet can be intercepted by hackers, however VPNs protect your data by encrypting the information that transfers between your computer and the internet. By encrypting your information VPNs add security to your computer and protect your privacy.
2. VPNs replace your IP address

Every device, including computers, smartphones and tablets, has an IP address when connecting to the internet, which identifies the device and its location on the network. Replacing your IP address will give you more privacy, since others won’t be able to know where your computer is located. You can use websites such as to determine your current IP.

A screenshot of an IP address ( The address and ISP is covered)

As you can see above, simply determining your IP address can give away a lot of personal information. If a VPN was been used, the IP address would be changed, and it would look like It is in a different place and using a different ISP (internet service provider).

This is a diagram from, which depicts how a VPN can encrypt the information passing from your computer to the internet.

Why do you need a VPN when traveling and in general?

As the internet has become more important, it has become easier for hackers to intercept information going between computers and internet networks. There are several tricks and tools out there that make stealing your passwords and other sensitive information a simple process. This is especially prevalent in public wifi networks. By using a VPN, you can encrypt the information that transfers between the internet and your computer, protecting your privacy.

While traveling, using public wifi networks put you at risk of being vulnerable of having your information intercepted than if you were using internet at home. Being a traveler, this makes it even more necessary to buy a VPN.

Tablets such as the iPad can also use a VPN.

Another reason why you may need a VPN while traveling is to bypass internet censorship in certain countries. China, for example, censors several major sites that you may need to visit including,,,, and more. VPNs replace your IP address with a new one, the new one usually being an IP address of the country of your choice. Since your IP address changes when using the VPN, it looks as if you were actually in that country.

For example, if I were using the internet in China and I was using a VPN that replaced my Chinese IP with British IP, it would look as if I were browsing the internet from Britain, not China. From there, I could visit the sites that I usually would visit while in Britain. You could then safely go on Twitter and work as you normally would.

Do you use a VPN? Leave your comment below.

How To Travel The World When You Have Absolutely No Money

You don’t have to be rich to travel. In fact, if you’re extremely savvy in your approach, you can travel with no money at all. If you’re lacking bucks in the bank but you want to hit the road, then this article will help you hack your way into a life of travel, without having to save a ton of money beforehand.

If you were to combine all of these hacks, then you could take off on a world trip, while eating, sleeping and going on tours all for free. These days, you really don’t need money to travel… No more excuses. Let’s get started.
Earn Rewards Points

The first thing you’re going to need if you want to travel abroad is a flight ticket. This is a huge expense and one that you’ll have a hard time getting if you have no money. What you need to do is choose the best rewards credit card (or a few of them) and start putting all of your purchases on the right card.

Free Flights

Want to save those rewards points for a later date? Try to get bumped. These days, there are so many people flying that airlines have started to over book flights. They bank on the fact that some people won’t show up on time to check-in (or at all), but if everyone shows up and the flight actually is overbooked, they’re forced to ask for volunteers to bump their seat in exchange for a free flight voucher.

If you are bumped, then you’ll be flown (for free) on the next flight out. Plus, you’ll be rewarded with a flight voucher for the amount of your ticket. This is your free ticket to air travel around the world!
This is not a foolproof way to get free flights, but it will work sometimes and can save you thousands of naira’s (or rewards points)

There are 3 key factors that will play a part in giving you the best chances of getting bumped.

  • Choose a popular flight: If you want to get bumped, then you want to choose a flight on a day that is busy and is a popular destination. Book your flight to a major airport at either the beginning or the end of the week when more people are flying. 
  • Pack Light: On the day of your flight, don’t check any baggage. Try to have only carry-on luggage. The airline will look for passengers who are the best candidates for bumping and if they have to go fetch your bag, you’re less likely to be picked.
  •  Check in Early & Volunteer: Head to the check-in counter extra early and have a big smile on your face. Politely mention to the agent that if they’re “looking for volunteers” then you are willing to help out. Airline staff will know exactly what you’re talking about and will likely move you to the top of the bump list.

Free Accommodation

Now that you’ve landed a flight without spending any money, it’s time to get free accommodation. It’s really not that difficult to find places to stay for free, you just have to know where to look!

  • House Sitting: You can find house sitting jobs without paying a membership fee by just looking around the web, but in our experience, it’s worth the $8 / month to get a sit through a reputable site. We is a great choice, you might find jobs in the Caribbean and in Costa Rica. There are often postings for vineyards in Italy, homes on Italy’s islands, mansions in France and castles in the UK. Free luxury accommodation like this is worth the cheap monthly fee and it’s not hard to land a job!
  • Couch Surfing: This is probably the single best way to stay for free and meet cool people around the world. People around the world offer up their spare room or couch, and you are able to stay with them for free for a few nights. Couch Surfing is a great network of people who all love to travel and be social. Couch surfing is free to join and it offers more than just accommodation. There are often couch surfer meet ups around the world where you can connect with like-minded travellers and have a good time.
  • WWOOFing: In a nutshell, WWOOFing is when you work on an organic farm in exchange for free room and board. Head to the WWOOF website and check through listings from all around the world to find the perfect job for you. Not only do you get free accommodation, but you can learn a valuable skill in the process.
  • Accommodation Exchange: Next time you check into a hostel, ask them if they’re looking for any help in exchange for free accommodation. You’d be surprised at how many places are willing to give you a free bed in exchange for some bartending or reception work.

Free Transport

You’ve landed a free flight and loads of free accommodation, now it’s time to get from one city to the next (or from one country to the next) without paying a cent. To get free transport while travelling, your best bet is to get your thumb ready.

Hitch Hiking On Boats: Have you ever seen yourself becoming a skipper?! If you want a fun and exciting way to get from one island to another, consider sailing for free. Captains of boats and ships can often use a little bit of help while they’re at sea and even if you’re not experienced, you can probably hitch hike on boats without a problem.

Just head to a marina or popular mooring spot and ask would meet dozens of people who have travelled around the entire Caribbean for free using this technique.
Free Food

Some travellers will resort to a somewhat sanitary method of “dumpster diving” in order to get free meals, but we’re not going to go into that in this article. Plus, there are people who are actually needy and if tourists are raiding the dumpsters, then there will be no food left for them.

Check out these methods instead:

  • Eating at Ashrams, Temples & Churches: In some places of holy worship around the world, particularly Sikh temples, free food is given to worshippers. In India, you can get free food all over the place. Just head into a temple, offer to help roll chapatis (indian bread) and you’ll be given a free meal in exchange for your service and attendance.
  • Closing Hours At Bakeries: Even at Cinnamon City in Canada, the employees are urged to giveaway the remaining baked goods at closing time. Many bakeries and small cafes do this all around the world and if you show up around closing time, you can often land a free meal or tasty snack.
  • Work Exchange: Head into a local restaurant or the restaurant at your hostel and ask if they need any help with dishes, bartending or service. Oftentimes you can work for a few hours in exchange for a few free meals.
  • Festivals & Events: Many events, especially religious ones, will include some sort of free food. When we were in Iran for Ashura, there was delicious food on every corner, for free! We also helped our hotel distribute food and in exchange we were given free meals
  • Food Samples: In any one day in Costco or Safeway there can be up to 5 free food sample stands. You can even be filled up on samples without even thinking of saving money while shopping in Canada, so there’s no reason why you couldn’t use this trick at other supermarkets around the world.


It won’t be as easy to find free tours as it is to find accommodation, food and transportation, but it’s still possible.

  • Reviews: Keep your eyes out for companies offering a “New Tour”. Oftentimes these companies will be willing to give you a free (or discounted) tour in exchange for your honest feedback.
  • Social Media Share Exchange: If you have quite a few friends / fans on your social media accounts, consider offering tour companies a few social shares and pictures in exchange for a free excursion.

Free Everything!

If you want to get free travel around the world, then the best way to do so is by starting a travel blog today. owning a travel blog not only does it generate enough income to travel the world full-time, but companies might contact you to offer free gear, free tours, free flights and free accommodation. Of course, you must work in exchange for these “freebies”, but still, it’s worth it.

Just Ask.

If you want to travel for free, then all you have to do is ask. Ask airlines to bump your ticket, ask hotels and hostels if they need help, ask restaurants if they need a waiter and ask tour companies if they want to be reviewed. You just have to have the courage to ask. I guarantee that you’ll get more free travel then you ever thought possible.

The 3 BILLION Dollar Hotel: Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Emirates palace in Abu Dhabi is a site to behold

Prepare to be amazed as we take a tour of the second most expensive hotel built in the world: Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, which cost a whopping THREE BILLION dollars to construct. So why in the world did I put article in the “Budget Travel Secrets” category?

Here’s why this 5-star luxury hotel still makes it into my Budget Travel category: It is absolutely FREE to walk through and photograph the astounding architecture of the hotel’s 240-foot-tall domed atrium. If you find yourself in Abu Dhabi (or even in Dubai, which is just an hour away ), Emirates Palace is well worth an afternoon’s visit.

Tranquil fountains between the hotel and the ocean.

As you come with me now on this photo tour of the property, take in some of these facts. The hotel opened in 2005 after three years of construction by over 20,000 workers. Pure gold and marble make up much of the decoration, and there’s even a gold vending machine in the lobby!

One of the immense hotel rooms : The Palace Suite

The back of the hotel looks out over the Persian Gulf, and has brilliantly white sand that was painstakingly imported from overseas. The private beach is almost a mile long, and features the pretty tented cabanas.

The white Sand is beyond beautiful

There are nearly 400 hotel rooms in the building, with the most luxurious ones reserved on the top floor for royalty and dignitaries only. The Palace Suite which at 7,300 square feet, boasts three bedrooms (one of which is pictured above, gold dome and all), a full dining room, pictured below, and a living room. The suite costs around $15,000 a night! 

The dining room in the Palace Suite.

Emirates palace has 114 domes, including the massive central one, 1,002 chandeliers (you can see one of them sparkling above), and 102 elevators. When Christina Aguilera performed in the hotel in 2008, 15,000 people were able to fit in the venue!
Joyful flowers near the beach patios.

As you can see from the view of the glistening Etihad Towers, below, Abu Dhabi — and the UAE as a whole — lets its architects’ imaginations run wild. As a lover of art, it’s a feature of the UAE that I absolutely love, and it’s certainly a feature on full display at Emirates Palace.
A view of central Abu Dhabi from the steps of the hotel.

So what about the food, Emirates Palace has 14 restaurants, “Le Vendome Brasserie,” a sumptuous buffet featuring cuisine from the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and beyond.
Chocolate mousse glasses in the buffet.

Speaking of budget travel secrets, some of the eateries at Emirates Palace, including Le Vendome, are surprisingly affordable. If you aren’t into paying $400-something a night for the least expensive hotel room, the restaurant is a good option for tasting the luxury life without the wallet punch.

Le Vendome Brasserie Restaurant.

So, just how “luxury life” are the restaurants of Emirates Palace? Apparently eleven POUNDS of pure gold are used each year just to decorate the food at Emirates Palace! 

Mini cheesecakes with GOLD FOIL in the dessert buffet.

So, given a whole lot of facts and figures to boggle the mind with their opulence, The word that comes to mind is “marvel.” marveling at the artistry and beauty of the whole enterprise, a place to behold! 

A bench overlooking the ocean.

The back of the hotel. Zowie!

If you have a fondness for Islamic architecture, with its intricate geometric patterns and rows of arches, you would adore photographing it.

Tempted to take a seat on that beautiful bench?

Architecturally, Emirates Palace has succeeded in its mission of “showcasing Arabian culture.” Look at this photo, below, of the outdoor walkway behind the hotel. The intricate details that the designers put into the walls and arches make such a difference, don’t they?
One of the outer walkways.

Then, of course, comes the question: Did the world need three billion dollars to be spent on constructing a hotel decorated in gold? 

Can you believe how much gold is in this lobby?

What has been created in Emirates Palace is a work of art, and given that it is free to tour, and creates thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in tourism income, it can be seen as a gift to the eyes as well as the country it is in. (The government of Abu Dhabi owns the hotel.)
The front entrance of Emirates Palace.

Looking down at the central lobby from four flights up. See the tiny people?

So what do YOU think? Have you ever been to Emirates Palace? Would you like to? Have you seen other beautiful luxury hotels around the world that are perfect for free photo tours? Do share!
Such a pretty vista overlooking the sea.

Allow me to leave you with one more view of that miraculous, gold-decorated central dome of Emirates Palace. That is a sight I hope to see 

Thank you for your beauty, Emirates Palace!


1. Pay your bills.

Bills are the last thing that should be on your mind when you are busy packing outfits and planning activities for your trip. Remember to pay in advance any credit cards, student loans, rent, and any other bills that will come due while you are away. Or you can set up autopay and schedule your payments for the bills that offer that option. You will be on a vacation high when you get home. Nothing kills a vacation buzz like late fees, interest charges, and a house with no electricity.

2. Make arrangements for your mail and packages.

You do not want your mailbox getting stuffed to the brim while you are out of town. Not only could this damage your mailbox, but burglars will see your house as an easy target. The USPS offers a Hold Mail Service and will deliver all mail to you when you return. If you have any packages scheduled to be delivered while you are vacationing, make sure you ask a neighbor, friend, or relative to collect them for you.

3. Get your visas.

Make sure your passport is still valid and get the required visas for the countries you will be visiting.Check the expiration year and do not assume you have plenty of time because that would be a whole lot of stress for you so avoid that by checking the expiration date.

4. Make arrangements for your cell phone.

Charges for international calls, messaging, and data usage are extremely expensive. Call your cellular provider to ask about the best international plan for your phone. A cheaper alternative is to unlock your phone and buy a sim card from the country you are visiting. You will be able to make local calls within that country for a fraction of the cost of an international roaming plan. With this option you will be using a local phone number, instead of your personal phone number or you could check my previous post for tips on it. Be sure to let your friends and family back home know to call you at your temporary number. You can still connect to Wi-Fi when you come across it for email-checking, Facebook-posting, and video-chatting.

5. Download useful apps

Download apps that would allow you communicate with your family and friends easily.  There are several apps out there (Skype, Whatsapp, FaceTime etc.),  the Apple App Store and Google play for android got you covered so feel free to download. With many coffee shops, hotels, and shopping malls offering free Wi-Fi, it is easy to stay connected and send a quick text or two to loved ones back home.

6. Get a plug adapter and voltage converter.

These gadgets are pretty inexpensive. Depending on the country you are visiting, you may need both a plug adapter and voltage converter. It is best to be prepared before landing in a foreign county with a dead phone and laptop.

7. Notify your bank and/or credit card company.

Let them know that you will be traveling and may use your credit card. They will make a note of it and you will not encounter any delays if you do use your card. Ideally, you would not use credit cards that charge foreign transaction fees on your trip. But it is a good idea to bring along a universally-accepted card like Visa or Mastercard for any emergencies that might creep up. 

12 Jobs for people who love to travel. 

If you have endless wanderlust, you can get the best of both worlds by getting a job that requires you to travel. Traveling for a living is a way to make money while doing what you love, so it’s a win-win! Here are some career options that may be the perfect fit for you.

1. Travel Industry

It may sound obvious, but if you want to travel, look for a job in the travel industry! This can be anything from working as a flight attendant or a pilot to working on a cruise ship to becoming a travel writer. Much of the time you’re traveling, you’re also working, but you’ll also have time to get out and explore the places you visit. And as a travel writer in particular, getting out and exploring is part of your job.

2. Recruiting

As a recruiter, you’ll be expected to travel to colleges and universities around the country to recruit the best new talent, whether for a company or for an athletic team. During the peak of recruiting season, you’ll probably spend more time on the road than in your own bed, but during the off-season, you’ll find yourself spending more time in the office.

3. Consulting

Consultants are problem-solvers, providing companies with expert advice on everything from management to marketing to IT. You won’t be tied to one company as a consultant; rather, you’ll travel from city to city, visiting the businesses that need your help. These visits may be either short- or long-term, depending on just how much support a company needs.

4. Teaching English 

English teachers are in high demand in many foreign countries, and in most cases, you don’t even need a teaching credential to get a job. The travel involved in this job is a little different — you won’t necessarily be seeing a new place every week, but you will get to fully absorb the culture around you. Most of these positions require a year-long commitment (or more), so you could teach for awhile in one country and then move on to the next.

5. Sales 

While some sales jobs require you to stay behind a desk or in a retail store, others — like pharmaceutical sales — require you to cover a territory, which involves lots of travel. Depending on the size of the company, that travel could involve simply driving to different cities in your geographic area, or it could involve flying to a different state every week.

6. Travel Writer 

Travel writers seem to have dream jobs — they travel the world, and many will get VIP treatment in hopes of a glowing review. Getting a travel writing job is tough, and you’ll definitely need some good sample writing to start with. Start writing for free or on other topics to see where it will lead you. While you’re establishing yourself, your pay may not be consistent or even enough, so you may have to do other jobs to supplement your income. You could also start a travel blog to build up your portfolio and your reputation in the industry.

7. Archaeologists 

Depending on what type of archaeologist you are, you may be able to enjoy a lot of fieldwork, digging up ancient ruins. You need to go to graduate school to attain a career in this field. This job is perfect for the person with a love of history, culture, and the outdoors.

8. Reporter 

As a reporter, you can choose to go overseas, maybe working for the foreign branch of a media company based in your country. It’s definitely helpful to know another language but not always required.

9. Auditor 

Auditors can get sent to different locations, giving them opportunities to travel. As an auditor, you will be checking records and statements for accuracy.

10. Photographer 

Your love of photography can take you all over the world. Whether it be a photo shoot for an ad or a destination wedding, the possibilities are endless. It’s a great gig, but it can be very tough to “make it” as a photographer, so you may need to find an alternative income while you’re building your career.

11. Volunteer

Volunteering can take you far and wide and even offer you paying positions, though the salary is not always high. The Peace Corps and other international volunteer organizations might be great options if you want a chance to travel and also do some good.

12. Diplomat

There are a variety of jobs you can do as a diplomat, some of them being health care specialists and administrative assistants. Many diplomats are foreign service officers and have to take a foreign service exam. After you’ve passed all the requirements, you’ll then be evaluated to see if you qualify.


Push notifications, automatic updates and roaming charges can create costly data overages that break the bank. But you can plan ways to minimize the cost.

Since summer tends to bring out the explorer in all of us, I’ve  compiled a list of ways to remove roaming charges and minimize your data usage while traveling abroad. 

1. Turn Off Data Roaming

The European Commission recently voted to end roaming charges by 2014, but until then it’s important to turn off data roaming on your phone when traveling outside your network.

Roaming occurs when you use your cellphone on a network that does not belong to your provider. Data usage means you’re using services like Internet (without Wi-Fi) or email. When you roam on another network, the mobile phone company that owns that network sends a bill to your provider, who then bills you.
If you want to access the Internet on your smartphone when traveling abroad, consider enabling Airplane Mode on your phone. You can still enable Wi-Fi when your phone is in Airplane Mode, so head somewhere like McDonald’s or Starbucks for free Internet access.

If you have an iPhone, open Settings and turn Airplane Mode “On.” If you have an Android, from the Settings option, choose Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > uncheck Data Roaming

2. Disable Push Notifications and Auto-Synching

Does your phone alert you instantly when you have new mail? That requires data usage. If you have an iPhone, you can change this by accessing Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data to turn off Push Notifications. Furthermore, on iPhone, you can manually disable push notifications for each app. Click on the app and turn the Notification Center to “Off.”

If you have an Android, go to Settings > Accounts & Synch and turn off Auto-Synch.

3. Be Aware of How Much Data You’ve Used

Reset your data tracker so you know exactly how much data you’ve used in a given time.

If you have an iPhone, go to Settings > General > Usage (“Cellular Usage” on some phones) to reset data statistics.
Android is a little trickier. CNET recommends Android users download an app from their mobile carriers. Which allows you to check data usage, make payments, and view your current phone plan. lets you view and pay your bill, check data usage and locate Wi-Fi hotspots.

4. Buy an International Data Package Through Your Mobile Provider

These packages are sometimes called “add-ons.” Most carriers let you buy a bundle of data for a monthly rate, so you can use the Internet without searching for a Wi-Fi hotpot.

5. Buy a SIM Card Once You’ve Landed

Buying a local SIM is often the cheapest option, but it can also be the most difficult. When you purchase a local SIM, you also get a local phone number.

If you decide to buy a prepaid international SIM card for traveling abroad, you’ll need to look into getting an unlocked GSM standard phone. We recommend asking your provider if your phone is “world-compatible.”

Companies that offer these include OneSimCard, Maxroam and Telestial.

6. Wi-Fi-Enabled Alternatives

There are some great apps right now, which you can use to communicate with people while abroad — if you have Wi-Fi or Internet access. Whatsapp, Bbm, Skype and Imo lets you send messages, pictures, audio notes and video messages with friends, via Wi-Fi. Viber  is free and lets you call, text or send pictures, via Wi-Fi or 3G. 

Thank me Later!



The severity of jet lag symptoms can differ dramatically depending on your flight times.

To avoid jet lag, if at all possible, try to select a flight that will arrive in the late afternoon or early evening. Chances are that you’ll be able to force yourself to stay awake for at least 4-6 hours, and then when you head to bed, you’ll be much closer to getting yourself on local time.

Flights that land at the crack of dawn are incredibly difficult to recover from. Staying up all day is next to impossible, but a short nap is likely to turn into a four-hour nap, and throw off your entire sleep schedule for the next night.


Once you’re on board your flight, change your watch right away to reflect the time at your destination.

Use that time as a guide for what to do on the plane: eat, sleep, or watch a movie. For example, if it’s 2 a.m. at your destination, it’s probably not the best time to eat a huge meal.


This one might seem obvious, but it’s important to use caffeine strategically (if that’s a thing).

A good rule of thumb is to skip caffeine before and during your flight, but hit it up once you arrive.

Caffeine before a flight may prevent you from being able to catch a bit of sleep on the plane. But once you’re there, if you have more than 5-7 hours before bedtime, by all means – caffeine can be the only thing that gets you through that first day!


Everyone always says to avoid alcohol on international flights, because it’ll dehydrate you. But having a glass of wine (or two) or an in-flight cocktail can be the only thing that makes a long flight TOLERABLE….just as long as you counteract it by drinking TONS of water.

Seriously – don’t stop with the water.

The in-flight beverage service definitely won’t be sufficient, so make sure you have a bottle of water with you.

Same goes for before and after your flight: keep the water coming, and being hydrated will expedite your recovery.

Oh and as long as we’re talking in-flight consumption, try to stick to eating protein and vegetables as much as possible – you’ll be far less lethargic than if you were to eat pasta, pretzels, and candy.


If you’re not interested in Ambien, Melatonin pills can be a lifesaver.

Obviously, you’ll want to check with your doctor beforehand, but taking a melatonin pill an hour or so before you go to sleep will help prevent the 2 a.m. wide-awake scenario. 

Do a dry run while you’re still at home – potentially with half of the recommended dose – to make sure nothing unexpected happens.


Once you’ve arrived, get walking.

If you arrive late at night, try to get outside the very next morning. Not only will being out in the sunlight help to get you on local time, but the physical activity will also help your body transition.

I hope these tips will help you quickly get over jet lag on your next trip! If you have any other favorite tips, I’d love to hear them!

Tips on how to take the right pictures for the gram and having a sophisticated Instagram page (Sarcasm)

Had a discussion with a friend on how an Instagram page should look like and then it hit me! ( most people really don’t know the rules to follow in having this amazing appearance on their page) So I decided to give a little tip on what should be noted when taking pictures for the gram. 

Like we all know “Instagram is more like a show room, the more attractive your page is the more people are interested on what you post” ( it’s a fake world so if you want to fit in then fake it)

1. Background: This is basically one of the most essential factors to consider when taking a picture for the gram, it tells a lot about a person, the background has to be classy ( you can’t take picture in a messy setting and expect to look all glammed) sorry to burst your bubbles but the picture won’t come out the way it should to fit the gram. When taking a picture make sure the background is beautiful and neat ( if you have to wait till you go somewhere fancy to take a picture, the wait is worth it)

2. Pose: Most people really don’t know how to pose when taking pictures,( the earlier you know the better ) when taking a picture for the gram don’t act like you were forced to, we need to see that happiness and fulfillment as if everything is working fine for you and you have no worries in life, you have to give in ur best either smiling or the resting bitch look make sure you give in your all ( you shouldn’t take a picture with no expression, we are not interested in viewing someone whose not sure of what they are doing, if you intend on smilling (smile to the fullest, let your followers know you are happy as a lark even if your sad nobody really cares, do it for the gram ) so give that killer pose and expression to make people interested in your post and look further to seeing more of it. So make sure you get that pose well!! 

3. Show off: This is more like the key ingredient, when taking a picture for the gram you have to show off all your life possession ( it may sound funny but people do that ) if you feel you don’t have enough possession feel free to borrow from someone who might have what your looking for, starting with clothes, shoes, hair,bags, rides (cars), money, house, shades etc the list is longer than you think.( it helps to keep you one step ahead of getting the girl/boy you want, the more attractive you look the more attention you can get from your crush) So when taking a picture look for the best cloth you have and if you are out of clothes (the boutique is at ur service) if you don’t have money to buy clothes (lend money from your friends ) and fulfill your dreams, glam up and slay like a King/Queen 

4.Perfect Angle: This is also important when taking a picture for the gram , the perfect angle give a perfect picture so look for that friend who really is patient enough to help you discover the angle that is perfect enough for you, if you aren’t photogenic then focus on the angle that brings out the unseen beauty in you ( make sure you give the unlooking pose or the ass pose) it  would distract your followers from seeing who you really are, which still involves the angle you take the picture from. So work on your angles, you can’t be playing while others are slaying on the gram (your dm needs to be popping daily💅🏾)

5. Filter: The filter wasn’t created just for it to be an additional feature, it was created to be used by “you” so make sure you use those filters well (if you aren’t good looking enough, make snapchat your friend..) “Whoever created the flower crown filter on snapchat made most people’s dream come through” with snapchat filter you would always stay beautiful so feel free to make use of snap chat filter and any other filter that works for you to give you that Barbie doll look (even thought you are the opposite in real life) nobody actually cares, you just have to slay for the gram! Use your filters well, if you don’t know how to use them get a friend to help you with it (what are friends for🤗)

6. Location: Yes!! Location is everything ( it results into the background) when taking a picture for the gram, the main aim is to gain  the attention and the vibes that you love chilling and money is not a problem “that should be your motto” (even if money is a problem don’t let your followers know, you won’t want to embarrass yourself) please don’t take pictures in places where any random entity can be, it has to be a unique and sophisticated location (you can’t afford to let your followers down) Go to well known lavish places to make your followers impressed (your Instagram page is not for you but for your followers so you have to impress them on a regular) your haters and friends are all waiting for your next post so you have to make sure your location is on point “don’t forget to indicate your location” (even if it’s a hotel nobody would judge you, it might be your favorite hobby hanging out at well known hotels, so far the location is Lit your followers are in support). If you don’t have money to hang out in sophisticated places to enhance your Instagram page (be a groupie and follow someone whose capable and make use of that moment, turn it into a photo shoot section). You can save all your salary and travel out so your followers would  know you mean business, inspire your followers to work hard even if you would end up getting broke after your trip (you have to be brave and courageous)           NB: One thing you should never do is, take a mirror selfie while window shopping ,we know you are looking for cloths to buy ( sorry window shopping) even if you want to take a picture let’s see what you bought not you attempting to fulfill your selfie mission.

7. Uniqueness: Create this uniqueness in ur post that attract people and make them want to stalk the hell out of you ( and if u message any babe she won’t think twice before she replies, vice versa ) so your have to standout from the rest of your followers to achieve your goals 

8. Group Selfie: This is the last tip, when taking a group selfie pick the picture whereby you look the best out of the rest… Let people be focused on you and not the other people (you can’t let your friends look better than you) remember “it’s your page not theirs” You don’t want your crush diverting attention to your friends (that’s another whole drama) make sure you are the Beyoncé in the picture even if your friends eyes are half opened or fully closed so far you are looking good and slaying like Queen Bey🐝 that’s all that matters. 
Thank me later😉



So I’m going to break down how to take those stunning, Instagram-worthy photos if you travel by yourself, as well as ways to go about asking a stranger, who to look for, and what you can do to ensure someone you just met can take a quality photo for you.
Pictures tell a thousand words of stories that we hardly do justice for without graphic evidence.
In a perfect world, I’d be married to Idris Elba we’d all be able to hire private photographers to follow us everywhere on trips, snapping every
staged candid moment, and making us look like the supermodels.
But alas, ’tis not the case, so listen up my unphotogenic lovely lilies, a mind-blown you awaits on the other side of this post 😉


When near a popular monument, make sure you tell the person to place the camera just a few feet above the ground and angle it upwards. If by yourself, place your camera on the ground against a rock, or anything that can prop it.     By angling it upwards, you can cut the heads off of all the people around you, making it seem like it’s just you and the Eiffel Tower chillin’ in Paris 😉
When you think of a scenery, think of the thousands, maybe millions who’ve been on those exact grounds you’re standing on, taking the exact same photo, with the exact same, standard angle.
It’s amazing what perspective does to enhancing a photo. Using an angle apart from the “holding my camera directly in front of my face while standing straight” does wonders to the eye.


Self-timers work great when you’ve got a place to yourself, or you’ve got a lot of time to kill. This usually involves placing your camera a few feet in front of you, allowing you 10 seconds to get in position, and if your camera is in burst mode, I recommend dancing or doing a few fluid movements to give you some variety in your shot selection.


In most cases, if a person has a DSLR around their neck, chances are they will respect a fellow
expensive-camera-buyer photographer and treat it with the same care as they would their own.
Not only that, but there’s a good chance they already know how to work your camera and you don’t have to spend 10 minutes explaining how to push a button


Maybe this is just for my ladies, but when your outfit coordinates with a monument, or wall, the photo will pop even more.


LAUGH instead of smile. Smiling is weird. And awkward. And weird.
Save the smiles for things that matter in life (looking at you). Laugh out loud towards the camera to produce the most genuine smile your face is capable of.
Your face muscles will look relaxed and the “smile” in the end that’s generated from the laugh will end up looking more natural.
But sometimes you just look obnoxiously happy, and sometimes, that’s perfect.


Use this method when you know exactly what kind of picture you want. Because when you offer to take their picture, you’re going to frame it and arch your back in a manner that shows you know what you’re doing. When they see their photo and are amazed by the vision you had for it, kindly ask if they can mimic your movements and take that exact same shot.
With them having an example to look at, and remembering how you positioned your body to get that perfect angle, you’ll have a better chance of getting exactly what you want!
And they’ll definitely take the time to produce a photo you’re happy with, since you went out of your way to do that for them.


Am I deep in thought?
Am I lost in the moment?
All very accurate assumptions and the beauty of the photo is that the interpretation of it is left to the eye of the beholder.
Switch up your style from the normal hand on the hip and angled shoulders, and show people what an enigma you truly are.
Patterned backgrounds, bodies of water, and large monuments all make great backdrops and are iconic for “look at me, I traveled”!
It also helps to use accessories to keep your hands occupied.


While this might be a longer and more complicated method to capturing a quick photo, it’s a great way to get a variety to choose from.
Much like the burst method where your phone can take up to 10 shots in one second, this is also a great alternative, because when you upload the video to your computer, pause the frame you like, then take a screenshot of the screen, crop and edit accordingly, and upload it as a photo!


First off, no one is immune to theft while traveling, and if you travel solo, you run the risk of placing your camera into the hands of a thief.
But there’s a foolproof way to make sure the person you’re about to approach isn’t going to run off with your hundred to thousand-dollar DSLR.
If a person has kids with them, specifically a toddler in a stroller, you know for sure they aren’t running off with anything.
You take my camera sir, and I’ll take your baby and put a ransom on that @$#. But don’t worry, I don’t discriminate. This applies to kids, spouses, and pets as well.
So now that you’ve found your photographer and you’ve made eye contact with his toddler in case they want to crawl off as an accomplice to this potential thievery when you’re ready to strike a pose, now what?
Kindly ask them to take 3 separate photos. WHY?
The first picture will be blurry, the second you won’t be ready, and the third will be just perfect. You’re welcome 😉


It baffles me that there are some people who go on these amazing trips and don’t have ONE picture of themselves from the trip!
But anybody can grab a picture from Google and say they went somewhere. Being in the picture is not only undeniable proof that you were there, but it conveys so much more.
Your mood, your expression, and your body all change daily, and you get a chance to see how all of that looked while on a trip, to laugh or gawk at later.
So embrace the moment! Be silly! Have fun!
You’re in gorgeous, foreign territory, even if it was the crappiest time of your life (which is like impossible lol), so make that picture hold thousands of memories you won’t be able to adequately retell with words.
Thank me Later!